(Via the heavens)
(Via the heavens)

The only reason I have this blog is because I went to the last European winter Olympics — held in Turin — and wrote a bunch of goofy stuff for three weeks. Probably 38 percent of my material was about Mike Wise. Most of the rest of it was about cheese and the New Zealand curling team. We had some good times, boy.

Anyhow, the digital archive of our travels no longer exists, so far as I know. The only full record is in one set of computer printouts that resides in my file cabinet.

But I’m still blogging, and the Olympics are still Olympicing, and Mike Wise is still Mike Wiseing. And for the old times, for Turin, for my longest-tenured readers, I sort of have to bring you video, shot by The Post’s Dave Sheinin, of Wise singing “Livin’ on a Prayer” during his first week in Russia. Were the Cold War still a thing, I’m not totally confident that this wouldn’t set off an international incident.

There are a million things to treasure about this video, so watch it carefully. But especially watch the faces of the audience members. My winter Olympics have now officially started, and they promise to be amazing.

(I love Wise and consider him a dear friend, if there’s any question about that.)