There was some tension during the season over Pierre Garcon’s criticism of the Redskins passing game.

“It doesn’t matter if we play the worst team in the league on defense,” he said in October. “If we suck at passing, we suck at passing.”

Some people took is as a direct shot at RGIII, but there appears to be no hard feelings. Garcon told that he and his quarterback already have offseason plans that will help them suck less at passing.

“We’ve already got that date set up. We’ve already got a place,” he said, talking some workout plans with RGIII. “We’re going to go to Arizona, work out there. We’ll probably do some more in Ashburn. Probably go to Baylor a little bit.

“We’re definitely going to be around,” he continued. “Probably go to Miami. I’m trying to talk him into going to Miami. South Florida is home. I don’t mind going to Arizona, going to Baylor, going to different places. I enjoy traveling.”


A little bird spent some time doing some low-flying acrobatics during last night’s Wizards game. He buzzed the heads of some fans in section 112 before taking a brief rest atop the backboard. Folk on Twitter say the bird has made appearances at Caps games, and I’m told he, and some of his feathered friends, are regulars in the arena. He needs a name. Suggestions?



John Wall’s steal and bucket to force a second overtime against San Antonio.



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