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Despite it ending in a loss, Wednesday night’s Wizards game was certainly among the team’s most exciting of the season. The Wizards built a 17-point lead on the Spurs. They seemed on the verge of a third straight win against a team at least 20 games over .500 for the first time in franchise history, if I’m remembering a Comcast SportsNet stat correctly. And they prompted a growing sense that this is a basketball team worth paying attention to.

Of course, the peak moment for Wizards fans came near the end of the first overtime. The Spurs had seemed set to pull away a few moments earlier, and with less than 10 seconds left they just needed to hit a couple free throws and then pack their bags. But John Wall had a different plan, and he single-handedly forced double overtime. This made Buckhantz excited.

Super excited.

Anyhow, the Wizards would lose in double overtime.

“A winnable game at home gets chalked up as a loss,” Ted Leonsis wrote. “To me, there is no silver lining or morale victory. It is just another loss. Another OT loss where we are now 2 and 6. This is the next step in our development. The ability to close out close games and win in OT.”

Buckhantz, though, took a cheerier view when discussing the game on 106.7 The Fan Thursday morning.

“That was really exciting,” the Comcast SportsNet announcer said. “That was a terrific play all the way around. … It was a great play, so it was very exciting. I was excited for the team.

“It was a tough loss, but again, it just shows you that this team can be good, man,” Buckhantz later said. “I think they can be really good. They’re very close. And I got so many tweets from people just saying this is as much fun as we’ve had since the days of Gilbert.”

I would agree with that.

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