The concept of creating a design in the stands by having fans wear different colors isn’t the easiest to execute. But when it’s done correctly, it can look pretty cool.

Georgetown is planning a “Grey Out” for Saturday’s game against Butler. All fans at the door will be given gray T-shirts to wear in the stands. A select few will also be given a blue shirt depending on where they’re sitting, in an attempt to spell “G” and “Hoyas” out of people in the stands.

Here’s a rendering of what they hope it will look like. If you’re in a blue seat, everyone is counting on you. Don’t mess it up.


Maryland is also planning something for Saturday’s game against Florida State, which they’re calling “Color Comcast.” They’ve left the spelling out of it, instead opting for a checkerboard pattern. In this case, the gear is a bring-your-own situation. No shirts will be handed out at the door. You can refer to the diagram below to figure out which color you should wear if you want to participate. All students are supposed to wear red.

If you’re at these games, send us pics.