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Katie Carrera has a few details from Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Verizon Center on Thursday night to wish the Caps’ John Carlson and the Jets’ Blake Wheeler good luck as they head off to compete for Team USA in Sochi. Kerry spent quality time with the team in the locker room and chatted with owner Ted Leonsis and Coach Adam Oates. There’s video of the interaction below, but first some photos.






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The video of the visit begins with Ted Leonsis giving Kerry his own Caps jersey, quizzing him on how many secretaries of state there’s been and making awkward jokes about Sochi’s double toilets. Fun fact: They wanted to give Kerry a No. 68 jersey, because he’s the 68th secretary of state, but wouldn’t because it’s Jaromir Jagr’s number.

Here’s the vid but first, an awesome gif of a super awkward fist bump/hand shake between Carlson and Kerry. [Dan knows how to do gifs now. It’s a whole new level of Bog, people.]