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After I wrote a thing gently making fun of an ESPN reporter for his kind of nothingburger of a report about the Redskins’ backup quarterback, I got a very angry e-mail from a reader.

Things like that would not be major news if wanna be sports reports like yourself was not blowing up everything that the Redskins do!! If they do anything the local media run with it. YOU GUYS MAKE EVERYTHING MAJOR and now you want to blame the fans, JERKS. [Skip] you and the WASHINGTON POST! NO MORE FOR POST ME

When does happy hour start again? Anyhow, as much as I sympathize with this reader, two of our three most-read Bog items on Thursday had to do either with Kyle Shanahan — an ex-Redskins employee — or Kirk Cousins — a Redskins reserve. The will of the people must be done. And done. And done.

Thus, I bring you this Thursday afternoon back-and-forth between Kyle Shanahan and the hosts of a Cleveland sports radio show on 92.3 The Fan.

“Hey Kyle, what do you think about Kirk Cousins?” the Browns’ new offensive coordinator was asked.

“I think Kirk’s a hell of a player,” Shanahan replied. “That’s one of the reasons we took him coming out of Michigan State. He did a good job there in college, and the times we needed him — he came in I think one-and-a-half games his rookie year for us, did a real good job. Got to play there in these last three games this year, which was good for him, to get a little bit more experience. Had some good moments, had some moments I think he’ll learn from. But I think Kirk did a good job for us, and was a good backup player for us out there.”

“You say backup; you think he’ll become a starting quarterback?” Shanahan was asked. “And if he became available, would you push to get him?”

“You know, you’re walking a fine line of getting me in a lot of trouble,” Shanahan said. “I’m not allowed to comment on other people under contract. So I can’t really go into that aspect.”

“Well, you can answer this: Do you think he could be a starting quarterback in this league?” Shanahan was asked.

“Oh, if you’re a backup in this league and you haven’t been given an opportunity, everybody’s got a possibility,” Shanahan replied “You’ve got to be pretty good to be a backup in this league. So if you’ve made it as a backup in the NFL, then all those guys have a chance to be a starter. You never know until they get their opportunity, because it’s not just about skill-set, it’s how do they handle the pressure, how do they handle adjustments. You might have a good game, but eventually you’re going to do bad, and everyone’s going to come down on you when you’re bad. And you never really, truly know until a guy’s in that situation. And when guys get in that situation, you find out. But I don’t think there’ s a backup quarterback in this league — who hasn’t been given the full opportunity yet – that you’d say doesn’t have a chance. They all have a chance.”

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