Not for the first time, and not for the last time, the Maryland men’s basketball team was serenaded with “A-C-C, A-C-C” chants in the closing moments of a league game Monday night.

This time, the chanters hailed from Virginia. And they were chanting for a Cavaliers victory that kept the Terps foundering several rungs below an NCAA tournament bid.

That wasn’t the only jab that came from the bleachers, either.

There’s not much to do for now, other than take it quietly. Or less quietly.


Nene, on the Wizards again attempting to surge past that magic number:

“I don’t care about .500,” said Nene. “We need to win everything we can, that’s the mentality. If you’re going to think small like that, it’s fine, just stop right there. If you want to go for the gold, the championship, make the team better, you need to think forward. I don’t like to talk about .500.”


Maryland’s Jake Layman got hit in the eye early in Monday night’s game, sending him to the bench during crucial moments of the second half.

(Via ESPN)
(Via ESPN)


Mike Wise, writing on Ovechkin:

I’m rooting for Ovechkin not because I peripherally know him as a Washington Capital and generally like him and I don’t really know most other nations’ national team players. Nor am I rooting for him solely because he is the most identifiable, breathtaking player in the most important sport in his homeland. Or that, frankly, nothing bring goose bumps to the Games like a local hero.

Those are good reasons. But I’m rooting for Ovechkin because of the perception he has to win. For my money, any elite athlete that overcomes that kind of pressure and expectation to succeed deserves more support than scrutiny.


Entering Sunday night’s games, the Wizards had attempted the second-most long twos in the NBA, behind only the Bobcats, via the Wall Street Journal.  If you’ve ever followed a Wizards game online, you’ve likely seen fans complaining about the long twos. Guess they were onto something. The Rockets, whom the Wizards face this week, had attempted the fewest long twos before Sunday night.


Via a long National Review story about trouble at the Labor Department:

Among the examples of waste current and former Labor Department staffers described to NRO:…

6) Use of the department’s (i.e., the taxpayers’) funds to hire a mascot of the Washington Nationals to cheer up employees when sequestration began….

[ Labor Department public-affairs senior adviser Carl Fillichio] defended the use of the Washington Nationals’ William Howard Taft mascot, the sixth in our list of dubious projects questioned by staffers. The mascot was brought to a ceremony, at a cost of no more than $1,000, not to cheer up employees facing sequestration cuts, he specified, but to help commemorate the department’s centennial. Taft, Fillichio explained, was the president who helped create the Department of Labor.


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