After coming back from a 19-point deficit against the Rockets last night, the Wizards lost with help from a suspect foul call earned by a James Harden embellishment.

With the Wizards up 112-110 and four seconds to go, Harden and Trevor Ariza got locked up. Harden hit the floor, drawing the foul and earning one shot and the ball. He made his shot, the Rockets got the ball and the Wizards rolled out the red carpet for a Harden game-winning layup.

Ariza, who finished with 32 points and went 10 for 14 from three-point range, was still struggling with that foul call when asked about it postgame.

“He was battling to get the ball, and I was trying to stop him from getting the ball,” said Ariza, trying his hardest to be diplomatic. “We both made contact and it just so happened that they called the foul.”

Did Harden embellish?

“That’s not for me to decide,” Ariza said with a laugh.

John Wall was willing to be a little more direct about it.

“Those guys do a great job of getting fouls called. They know how to sell it,” Wall said, via Insider. “I seen [Harden] hook Trevor and then he just fell. I had two double fouls this season. In that situation, I think you call a double foul, if you’re not sure. The ref made the call he thought he seen, and it ended up costing us the game.”

Here’s how the game ended. You decide.






Here’s Bradley Beal to help us all with our jump shots.



Well, the Wizards and Caps are both taking a break, and there isn’t any local college hoops on TV. Olympics? Bulls-Nets and then Lakers-Thunder on TNT?