One staple of baseball’s winter meetings: Dave Sheinin bringing the house down from behind a piano.

This skill also translates to the Olympics. I don’t think I’ll ever forget being in the lobby of a Beijing hotel late in the 2008 Games as Sheinin located a grand piano and everyone around stopped what they were doing and started listening. I’m talking different nationalities, different ages, different approaches to blogging. Everybody.

Not to make this about me, but my grandfather had just died, and I was getting ready to leave China early, and Sheinin was doing “Danny Boy,” and I believe I had to step away because I was weeping.

Anyhow, you’ve seen Mike Wise doing karaoke at a Sochi wine bar. That was amusing, at least to me.

Here, though, is Sheinin slaying a karaoke version of “O Sole Mio” late on Thursday night in a packed Russian wine bar that charges 300 rubles per song, a performance that concluded with him nailing a high B at the end as the room erupted. (As seen below.)

ESPN’s Julie Foudy has some even better video, which I can’t use because someone curses in praise of Sheinin. But you can listen to that here.