True story: I was cleaning out my home office the other week and came across some poetry I wrote in high school. We’re talking sappy 16-year-old girl anguished love poems that 18 years later are just embarrassing. But as it turns out, I could have lent those verses to Ryan Kerrigan for some present-day relevance.

Kerrigan was on with Grant and Danny on 106.7 The Fan on Friday, reading love poems to female callers for Valentine’s Day.

“I got a little Barry White playing in the background,” he said. “I’m trying to channel that deep voice for when I gotta read this poetry. I got some candles lit, and we’re ready to do this thing.”

Kerrigan jumped right into it with a few sweet nothings for each lady and then read them each a different poem. One even proposed to the Redskins linebacker.

The poems were chosen by Kerrigan, and included lines such as these:

You’re a gift from the angels,
They made you in heaven.
The girl that I’ve loved,
Since I was eleven.

Audio is here. It was all very well played by Kerrigan, and no amount of words I can write will take the place of hearing it for yourself.