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I know spoilers are a terrifying fact of life in the new television drama world, in which entire series are released in one day, and fanatics watch every episode immediately, while those of us with jobs and children and terrible addictions to Twitter are able to watch the new episodes only periodically and then must live in fear of secrets being revealed.

So I’m going to tread carefully here in writing about Season 2 of “House of Cards.” And I don’t think there are any particular spoilers involved in telling you that series star Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) at one point journeys to Baltimore to take in an Orioles game.

This is already newsworthy enough for the huge number of our readers who continue to have an interest in the Orioles. But making it all even better: one of the newest Nats, former Orioles outfielder Nate McLouth, makes an appearance in the scene. Or at least someone wearing his uniform does.

You’ll recall that Nats Park features prominently in the show’s opening credits, both last year and in season 2.

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