(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

Over the past decade, there have been countless songs written about the Washington Nationals.

(Yes, the Washington Nationals have been here for a decade. You’re old.)

But as far as I know, there’s never been an entire musical album inspired by the Nats.


“Scott Gold will release his much-anticipated 8th studio album, National Fever, on March 4th, 2014,” Scott Gold’s press release explained. “Produced by Delta Sheppard, National Fever marks Scott Gold’s first studio album since the highly acclaimed Backstreet Beauty EP, which was released nearly five years ago in 2009. It is also the first album, by Scott Gold or any artist otherwise, to exclusively feature songs about the Washington Nationals.”

See? And while the album won’t be out for a couple weeks, two of the songs have already been released online. Here’s “Zimmerman and Zimmermann.”

And here’s “Gio Gio Gio,” co-written by Kevin Gold. Man, how great is the world?

That leaves eight tracks yet to come: “Danny Espinosa,” “The Ian Desmond Train,” The Wolfman,” “The Man With a Plan,” “Denard Span,” “Mr. Harper’s Opus #34,” “The Bullpen Blues,” “Strasburg and the Buffalo” and “The Washington Nationals Anthem.”

That last track details how Gold — a disgruntled Orioles fan who once turned to NASCAR out of baseball disillusionment — initially dismissed the new team when it arrived from Montreal. But he was there for Strasburg’s debut against the Pirates in 2010, and that game scooted him around the corner toward becoming a fan. That conversion is explained in the song, which he described as “a Rage Against the Machine-esque hard rocker.”

The Denard Span track, meanwhile, includes his wife rapping these lyrics: “Denard’s Span is ludicrous/no matter what day of the week it is/he is the man I want to kiss/I mean besides Scott Gold that is.”

Anyhow, I asked Scott Gold — a 29-year old consultant from Fairfax — whether it was hard to make an all-Nats album, and whether he didn’t start wanting to just write some good old fashioned rock tunes about women and alcohol.

“It actually was not that hard at all,” he responded. “I’ve actually had the Danny Espinosa song written for about two years (why? don’t ask), and decided not too long ago to go all the way with it and make a whole album. I just hope everyone who listens to it has as much fun listening as I did recording it.”

His goal, he wrote, was to create catchy songs that would be fun to listen to even if you didn’t care about the Nats. The album is free, but he’s hoping to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association by promoting the album. (Alzheimer’s Disease has affected both sides of his immediate family; he’s hoping people who like the album might make contributions.)

You can find more about all this on his Facebook page, Scott Gold Music.