(Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

(Despite the fact that Web traffic indicates no one cares about John Wall’s dunk contest win, I’m going to keep writing about John Wall’s dunk contest win.)

Perhaps the most amazing things about John Wall’s dunk contest win: He only practiced his winning dunk once. Like, ever.

And instead of doing it with a 5-foot-8 mascot in spandex, he practiced it with a 5-foot-9 Wizards communications manager named Daren Jenkins. Who was wearing jeans, and not spandex.

“I watched the videos a couple times, and that’s when I felt comfortable with it,” Wall told “Mike and Mike” on Tuesday morning, while explaining the origins of the dunk. “But it still seemed hard to me in my head. And the first time I ever got to practice it was Thursday when I got to New Orleans. And the first time I tried it, I dunked it pretty easy. So I stuck with it: I said that’ll be my dunk that nobody’s ever seen before, and hopefully the crowd will like it.”

Monumental Network posted a video of that practice session, which you should watch. The highlights:

Here’s Wall positioning Jenkins for the attempt.

And here’s Wall soaring over Jenkins, meaning he’s now 2-for-2 in lifetime attempts of this dunk.

He also did a different dunk that involved leaping over Jenkins’s head. We never saw that one in the contest.

Wall told the radio hosts that the mascot dunk was his best option, although he had alternate plans if he needed to dunk again.