Obviously it’s no secret that plenty of people wear Nationals hats for reasons other than baseball fandom.

And obviously, Nats hats have been seemed to be especially popular among non-fans in California.

In fact, I might have already written something about the dress code at Cabo Cantina, a Southern California chain boasting “good drinks, good food and good prices in a fun, casual atmosphere.” But I can’t remember for sure. So I’m doing it again.

Among the many rules posted on this dress code — “no visible undergarments,” “no bandanas or do-rags,” “no hoods on,” “no clothing with vulgar or offensive print” — is this one: “No Los Angeles Dodgers or Washington Nationals baseball caps.”

This came to my attention after reader @Bobtimist send along the above Instagram taken by California musician Kreayshawn. A quick social media search indicates Cabo Cantina has had this policy for at least 18 months. In other words, even before Bryce Harper ran into a Los Angeles wall.