All pro athletes should have to drive large maintenance vehicles at some point.

John Erskine and Jay Beagle took their turns Wednesday after practice.

The Post’s Katie Carrera — who took this photo — reports that the two players drove these “Olympia” ice surfacers around Kettler’s ice sheet at rapid speeds, and eventually attempted to race each other. Oh, for video footage.

Note: An earlier version of this item referred to a Zamboni. That led to a humorless e-mail from Zamboni.

It has come to our attention that your article features a reference to our federally and internationally registered trademark, ZAMBONI. While we appreciate your apparent affinity for our brand and product, the machines shown in the photos which accompany the article were not manufactured by the Zamboni Company and are not Zamboni® ice resurfacing machines.

The Zamboni Company diligently protects its marks and improper references of this nature (plural, as a noun and in connection with a competitor’s product) are of particular concern as they dilute and damage the strength of our marks. As such, we must request your prompt assistance with the correction of the improper use. The proper reference would be “ice resurfacer”, “ice resurfacing machine” or to use the name of the manufacturer as the brand name and then to add a generic product descriptor for clarification.

I promise never to refer to them again.