That video up there is the Wizards’ Trevor Ariza putting up a three-quarter court shot at the third-quarter buzzer against the Hawks, nothing but net.

As you can see, Ariza’s teammates enjoyed it.

Michael Lee opened his postgame story with some narrative on the shot.

The shot felt good the moment Trevor Ariza leapt, kicked out his legs and fired from the opposing foul line in a hurried attempt to beat the buzzer. When it passed through the net, Ariza coolly turned to the Washington Wizards’ bench and flashed the slightest grin. He didn’t want to look too excited about connecting on a routine 80-foot jumper because, as he said afterward, “I do spectacular stuff like that all time.”

I’ll be disappointed if no one gets Ariza this shirt for his birthday.

Ariza wasn’t the only one shooting Hail Mary three-pointers. John Wall barely beat the shot clock with this one.

(Via @wiz_spurtin and @adammcginnis. Read more details about the distance of Ariza’s shot here.)