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Bryce Harper sat down with Comcast SportsNet, and when asked if he’s tired of all of the questions he gets about his collision with the wall, he made his opinion on that quite clear.

“Everyone’s still on the ‘clown question’ and all that crap, too,” he said. “I mean, it’s in the past. Everyone needs to get over it. I’m not 16, 14, 13 years old anymore. I’m playing in the big leagues. I’m 21 years old and I’m ready to go.”

I can understand Harper’s frustration with the redundancy, but let’s take a look at a few things.

— Harper used the “clown question” phrase when he was 19, and ran into the wall at 20. He’s right, he wasn’t 16, 14, 13 years old anymore.

– He also quickly trademarked “That’s a clown question, bro,” which would indicate a plan to profit from it in some way. If people are still talking about a phrase you trademarked two years after you’ve said it, that’s a good thing.

– Sure, there have been an abundance of wall questions and the repetition is annoying.  But that collision happened less than a year ago, and he spent the next four months denying its effects until finally admitting in September that he was more injured than he let on. Folks don’t move on from that so easily.

Harper is well within his rights to be dismissive of it, however, and his sauciness didn’t end with clown questions. He also doesn’t hold much stock in haters.

“I could care less what people think. I could care less what anybody thinks,” he said, when asked about those who think he’s not as advanced as some of his peers. “Trout’s very good. Machado’s very good. I’ve been in the NL East title. I won it. Nobody else can say that. None of those younger guys can say that at all. Being able to come in here and have a great team that I can win with and be around, have an unbelievable organization to play for, I could care less what other people think. As long as my team and my dugout loves me, that’s all that matters.”