(Julio Cortez / AP)

DeAngelo Hall met with both Robert Griffin III and Jay Gruden before he signed his new deal with the Redskins. His comments on those two men to ESPN 980 this week are worth a quick read.

Griffin “was probably my biggest recruiter trying to get me to come back,” Hall said. “Definitely love that kid. What he loves is just Jay’s willingness to let him kind of be him, you know what I mean? There’s not going to be any restrictions on him, there’s not gonna be no read-option offense. This is gonna be an offense that’s gonna be wide-open.

“That’s the first thing Jay told me,” Hall went on: “I know you like to cover this route, but I’ll tell you what, in training camp you’re gonna get every route known to man. This offense is gonna run ’em all. He was just saying hey, I’m throwing everything I can at RG, and heck, if he can’t pick something up we’ll back down. But right now the kid is in here every day, he’s learning and he’s picking it up very well.”

Hall and Griffin also shared an early birthday meal.