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(Rob Carr / Getty Images)

As much as we all joke (and write rude blog posts), there are obviously human consequences of every NBA trade. Jan Vesely spent a pretty good chunk of his formative adult years as a sometimes-struggling pro athlete in our town, and now he’s leaving for something else.

And for teammates — even teammates who have only been here a few months — this isn’t just an Internet joke.

“Yesterday obviously when I woke up I was sitting watching TV and I some point I decided to check the HoopsHype,” Marcin Gortat said on 106.7 The Fan Friday morning. “I was just shocked. I dropped the glass out of my hands and I was just shocked. Eric [Maynor] is a very good point guard. I don’t think he really got his opportunity to play, and he has to play because he’s pretty good. … For Jan, I was shocked because he was the first guy who helped me the most here on this team right after the trade. From Day One he helped me to settle down, set up everything here in Washington and he was great to me. I never had such a great friend from Day One. It doesn’t matter where he’s gonna play; we’re always gonna stick together. He’s my boy for life now.”

Gortat, of course, also said kind things about the incoming Andre Miller.

“He’s a great point guard,” Gortat said. “We need a lot of veterans in the locker room. And he’s a great passer, and the big men are always looking for that, so I’m excited.”

As for his tweet yesterday pointing out that he is now the lone white player on the Wizards, Gortat laughed.

“I knew you were gonna ask about that,” he told the Junkies. “Yeah, I realized I’m the only one left, white boy here. It kind of feels weird.”

Gortat was also asked about his future plans. He didn’t really give any clues.

“First of al,l I’m not even thinking about that now,” he said. “The way we play right now, we play so up and down — the most important thing for me is just to make playoffs. I want to take these games and just feel how it is to be back in the most important challenge, and that’s playoffs. Whatever’s gonna happen after this season, I’m just gonna look at my options. … I wanna play with a very good point guard in this league, because your situation change too. Big men need a very good point guard and Washington has a very good point guard. And I like this city; each month it’s better and better.”