(Courtesy Washington Nationals) A previous bobblehead. (Courtesy Washington Nationals)

The Nats’ record number of bobblehead giveaways this season included a mystery giveaway on Sept. 27: 25,000 bobbleheads of a to-be-determined figure chosen by fans.

Obviously, this wouldn’t be one of the figures already cemented into a giveaway night — Zimmermann, Ramos, Harper, Span, Werth, Taft and Desmond — but other than that, there were no clues.

However, for production reasons, this decision can’t wait much longer. Thus, the Nats announced on Monday the three choices for the final bobblehead: Matt Williams, Tyler Clippard and Adam LaRoche.

“The nominees for this year’s Fan Choice Bobblehead were selected based on their popularity and the feedback we’ve received from fans,” a spokeswoman explained via e-mail. “Of course, with a new field leader on the roster, Matt Williams was an obvious choice, while Tyler Clippard has long been a fan favorite and Adam LaRoche is a veteran staple of the team.”

The team announced three ways fans can vote for their choice: by texting “9” for Williams, “25” for LaRoche or “36” for Clippard to 99778, by tweeting #NatsBobbleVote AND #ClippardBobble, #LaRocheBobble or #WilliamsBobble, or by liking the photo of your choice on the team’s Facebook page.

The voting starts immediately. You can vote as many times as you want, through Friday. The winner will be announced on Monday. Based on the feedback I’ve gotten from fans, Tyler Clippard’s veteran status with the team, plus his goggles, make him a slight favorite over Williams, with LaRoche the longest shot.