(Nick Wass/AP)

Wizards’ television man Steve Buckhantz and Wizards radio voice Dave Johnson both have years of experience broadcasting the sad disappointment of game-winning dreams deferred. This past weekend brought something different: two wins, each dramatic in its own way, and each concluding with broadcasted yelps of joy.

First came Saturday night, when the Wizards and Pelicans played a sort of ugly game with many lead changes. Just in the final 67 seconds, the Pelicans took a lead, then the Wizards took it back, then the Pelicans surged ahead, and then the Wizards won it at the buzzer with a Nene slam.

That sequence led to this, from Johnson.

But that’s more than you need to hear. What you really need to hear is just this 12 seconds of bliss:

Twenty-four hours later, the Wizards were sticking it to Cleveland in the fourth quarter, even with Nene sidelined by injury. Not every win comes with a dagger — especially wins of the double-digit variety — but this one did: with 64 seconds left, Trevor Ariza scored Washington’s final points on a three-pointer to push the lead to 15, and Buckhantz unleashed.

Two games, two wins, two happy broadcasters. This is how the other half lives.