Karl Alzner seems to appear in every story about the Caps, because he’s unfailingly polite, thoughtful and willing to help members of the media. So I guess it shouldn’t be a surprise to find “Karl Alzner, man on the street” quoted about Arlington traffic patterns during an NBC Washington piece Monday night.

The story was actually about the tragic death of a mother outside Nottingham Elementary School in Arlington, and it’s as horrible a story as you can possibly imagine. There’s nothing remotely amusing about any part of it, and that obviously includes Alzner’s appearance in this video. But it speaks to something in Alzner’s character that he would stop and chat, at apparent length, and without identifying himself as a pro athlete, with a news crew sent to make sense of tragedy.

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“It strikes a chord for me, so it’s upsetting,” Alzner told the station. “Definitely speed bumps are something to tell people slow down, because you never know what could happen here. And I’ve seen it at the busy times, or at the end of school, and there’s a lot of people walking back and forth. So there needs to be something to slow people down a little bit.”

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A few days after taking a dim look at the Wizards’ progress, Jason Reid turns toward the Terps:

When programs are moving in the right direction, teams show improvement from one season to the next. It’s called progress. Under Turgeon, the Terrapins look a lot like they did last season and the season before that. You just can’t sugarcoat 15-13 overall and 7-8 in the ACC.


Alex Ovechkin just started an Instagram account. In case you wanted to see stuff like this.


Mark Turgeon really wanted this play to work out for Maryland. (Via @recordsANDradio)


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