Robert Griffin III stopped by his alma mater Baylor University to attend a women's basketball game on Monday. He chatted with commentators about his support for the team and challenges he's overcome on the Redskins. Photo courtesy of Fox Sports 1. Editor's note: Audio only. (Fox Sports 1)

Courtesy Fox Sports 1

Last winter brought the beginning of the Offseason of RGIII, with the quarterback starring in commercials, a documentary, magazine covers, interviews, a wedding and a million other headline-making activities.

This winter, Robert Griffin III has been thoroughly out-headlined by Kirk Cousins, whose “I want to play, but I don’t want to be a distraction, I’m open to a trade, but I’d never demand one” interviews have taken up all the Redskins Quarterback Drama oxygen.

In fact, Griffin’s most extensive public comments about the team’s new coach may have come Monday night, when he sat in with the Fox Sports 1 broadcast team during a Baylor-Oklahoma women’s game.

“We’re all excited. everybody in the [Redskins] organization,” Griffin told Ron Thulin and Brenda VanLengen. “Talking to my teammates, it’s not that we’re starting over; we’re just getting a fresh start. So we’ve got a new leader at the helm and we’re going to be a united front. And I think all those guys are really excited about what’s coming.”

(Courtesy Scott Beckwith) (Courtesy Scott Beckwith)

That was the extent of the Redskins talk, although Thulin also asked about the various obstacles Griffin has already faced during his brief professional career.

“Whether it’s injuries, certain things in different organizations, I’ve had to overcome a lot,” the quarterback said. “But I just try to make sure I keep everything in perspective. God always has a plan, everything happens for a reason. And we’ve got to make sure these girls get this lead back up.”

“These girls” meaning the Bears, many of whom Griffin remains friendly with. Indeed, Monday night also yielded a flood of RGIII photos with fans on social media sites, plus several photos with the Bears mascot, Scott Beckwith, another friend. Griffin was also asked about returning to the place that made him famous.

“I wanted to come back, work with Coach [Kaz Kazadi], the number one strength coach in the nation, so it’ll be a lot of fun,” Griffin said. “I love Baylor. They did a lot of great things for me, and in return I show my support, even after I’m gone. I love Coach [Kim] Mulkey and any time I can get back and support her, support Baylor, support Coach [Scott] Drew, I try to do that.”

Griffin was also asked how married life is treating him.

“Married life is amazing,” he said. “Rebecca, I know you heard that.”