(2011 photo by Doug Kapustin for The Washington Post)

D.C. Council member Vincent B. Orange’s grandiose vision for the RFK Stadium site — which would include a massive football stadium — has been well documented. The  Council’s Committee on Economic Development held a hearing about launching a feasibility study for this vision on Tuesday, which gave both Orange and fellow council member (and mayoral candidate) Jack Evans the chance to talk about D.C. and a future football stadium.

“What this [bill] is basically saying is let’s examine to see whether or not it makes sense to develop a 100,000-seat RFK domed stadium complex,” Orange said early in the hearing. “As we talk about the District of Columbia becoming a world-class city, a world-class city always has a destination point for world-class entertainment, sports and what have you.”

A few minutes later, Evans spoke.

“It’s no secret that I would love to have the football team back in the city,” Evans said. “I would love to see a new stadium on the site where RFK currently exists. In discussions with the football people, a smaller stadium than Council member Orange is talking about is more what they have in mind, maybe 75,000 with a retractable roof, and then whatever lies in that area.

“I know in the Capitol Hill area, a lot of people are very opposed to having a football stadium there, and that’s some discussion that’s going to go forward,” Evans continued. “I would just leave you with this, though. If there is to be a new football stadium built in the metropolitan region, and the Redskins – the organization – certainly wants that, there is no better site than where RFK now sits. The transportation, the subway, the road system, the parking, everything is there for a football stadium. And I know, again, that people on Capital Hill don’t like that idea. But one observation is there’s no better place in the metropolitan region for such a stadium. ”

(Via WTOP)