(Via @Budweiser, ugh)

Whoever conceived Budweiser’s Opening Day National Holiday bit has already earned a pretty big bonus. Heck, the marketing gimmick landed Budweiser an A1 story in The Post; that probably pays for the campaign by itself.

Still, I would have splurged on an atlas, were I running the campaign. The beer company put out this MLB map on Wednesday, and darned if Washington isn’t now north of Baltimore.

Of course, that’s not the only nit you could pick. The Yankees appear to have relocated to Utica or thereabouts; the Mariners now play in Portland; and the Angels are veering awfully close to Nevada. But I don’t write about those teams.

And sure, it’s hard to fit all those large logos on that bitty map. I just would have tried to keep those big Eastern seaboard cities in the right order.

(Via @JPFinlayCSN)