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When I heard that Daytona 500 champ Dale Earnhardt Jr. would be on “Fox Sports Live” with Donovan McNabb on Wednesday night, I had a feeling his favorite football team might come up. I was hoping he would maybe be asked to assess McNabb’s tenure in Washington. Alas.

But the team did indeed come up. Junior, in fact, was asked two questions about the Redskins: whether Robert Griffin III should remain the starting quarterback, and whether the team name should change.

Remember this next time you accuse The Post of scrounging up nonsense. If given a chance to talk to one of the most famous Redskins fans in the world, those would be 1,047th and 392nd on my list of potential questions. They were 1 and 2 for “Fox Sports Live.”


(Via Fox Sports Live)
(Via Fox Sports Live)

“Your favorite team the Washington Redskins had a little spiel this year, made some changes obviously,” McNabb said, when first broaching the topic. “And you talked about when you won [the 500], RGIII tweeted you and congratulated you. So would you now vote RGIII as your starting quarterback going into this season, or would you look for Kirk Cousins to step in?”

“Oh, I think you’ve got to give RGIII the opportunity to start,” Earnhardt said. “Kirk Cousins didn’t do enough at the end of the year, I don’t think, to warrant an opportunity to start. Obviously he’s got a lot of opportunity and upside, but you’ve got to give RGIII a chance to have an offseason with his receivers, work with those guys and get on the same page with routes and timing. And maybe he can kind of go back to his form he had in 2012.”

Host Charissa Thompson then asked for his thoughts on the team name.

“That’s a difficult argument,” Earnhardt began. “I think it’s ongoing. Being a Redskins fan, I can’t see changing the name, but you’ve got to be open-minded, listen to arguments, listen to opinions. But right now, I’m pro-Redskins, pro-not changing the name, and I hope that there could be some kind of an amends to the argument. But it’s a very difficult situation.”

Aside from McNabb, has anyone in the world suggested there’s a question about who the Redskins should start next season? I think I missed that.