Back in 2001, a survey by North American Vexillological Association — “a New Jersey-based group dedicated to the study of flag design” — voted Maryland’s flag the fourth-best out of 72 flags representing the U.S. states, American territories and Canadian somethings or other.

“We are proud of Maryland’s distinctive state flag,” Secretary of State John T. Willis told The Post at the time. The Maryland flag, which The Post described as “a cross pattern of red and white and black and yellow,” is “colorful, easy to recognize and a reflection of our state’s rich history and diversity,” Willis said then.

It’s also taking over the University of Maryland. Within 10 years, there will be giant laser beams suspended above campus, bathing all of College Park in a distinctive pattern of red and white and black and yellow. Students will receive state flag neck tattoos upon admission. All cafeteria food will be stamped with the state flag. Buses will emit state flag-themed exhaust. Couch fires will emit state flag-themed smoke.

Just a few days after Testudo received state flag accents, the Maryland softball team tweeted out images of its new helmets, catcher pads and batting gloves. No one will confuse these with, say, the University of Virginia’s gear.

Oh, right. Virginia. That 2001 survey placed Virginia’s flag 54th. A spokesman responded by bragging about how many U.S. presidents Virginia has produced. Like that could possibly compare to state flag-themed catcher’s gear.

As you can see, the team’s previous equipment was quite boring by contrast.