Another offseason, another surgery for a Redskins quarterback.

A couple of weeks ago, John Keim of ESPN wrote about Kirk Cousins getting Lasik eye surgery.

“If it gets to 20-15 [vision], then there’s an obvious improvement,” Cousins explained at the time. “In this league the difference between Pro Bowl and getting cut is that small. For me in shotgun, when I go through the cadence my eyes are on the defense but as I’m closer to saying hut my eyes have to stay on the ball. To have my eye on the ball coming at me, I still have to feel a blitz from the left or right to know if you need to throw a hot or if the corner is blitzing off the edge. There’s a lot to process and you have to feel the pass rush.

“The more you can see out of the corner of your eye – blitzes, pass protection, open receivers – all of it is effective. When you have strong peripheral vision you can take in a lot of information at once.”

Well, it seems that the eye surgery was successful. It also may have been part of an endorsement.

Cousins recorded a video for TLC Laser Eye Centers, thanking them for a job well done on his, and his fiancee’s, eyeballs.

“I just had Lasik surgery a couple of weeks ago and I’m happy to say that I’m seeing better than 20/20,” he says. “I wake up in the morning, don’t have to put contacts in, don’t have to put glasses on. I can go through my whole day seeing great and it’s gonna really help me, not only just in daily life, but more importantly on the football field being able to become the best football player I can be and hopefully play football in the NFL for a long time.”

Clear eyes, full hearts, better trade value.