A few weeks ago I announced that my last day at WaPo was on the way. Well, time flies and today is that day.

I came here two years ago to a space that is sacred for most of you. You welcomed me (with a few challengers – hi Barno!), and made me feel like my voice was valuable. For that, readers, I thank you.

But the biggest thank you goes to Dan, the brilliant, quick-thinking, sometimes self-loathing genius who built the playground that I got to hang out on every day. I can’t begin to tell you how daunting a task it is to share a corner of the Internet with that brain, but Dan made it easy to just be me. For that, I am forever indebted to him.

This isn’t a true goodbye. There are some exciting things on the horizon, not the least of which is Baby Kogod due to come crashing into my life in the next couple of months. For now you can find me here or on Twitter, and I encourage you to keep in touch with me via e-mail if you’d like – sarahskogod at gmail.

The Dan and Sarah era at the Bog was amazing. I hope you think so, too.