While Virginia was in the process of demolishing Miami earlier this week — setting up the biggest game in Charlottesville in 30-plus years — a few observant Cavaliers fans were concentrating on something more exciting than the score: backup point guard Teven Jones.

Jones doesn’t get a ton of time on the court — he’s averaging a tad less than five minutes a game, although he did have a highlight-reel dunk and steal earlier this season.

But the 6-foot guard still manages to get some attention on the sideline by being one of the better stand-in-place celebratory bench dancers you’ll find. And he doesn’t just rely on the same move, either; Jones has a whole bunch of dancing arrows in his quiver, so to speak.

Longtime Bog friend, Capital Weather Gang contributor, celebration enthusiast and Virginia fan Jamie Jones collected some of Teven Jones’s best moves from the Miami game in this YouTube playlist. Bear in mind, these all were displayed over the course of one single contest. I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites here; head to the playlist for the rest.