(Via The Post’s archives)

I was browsing through The Post’s archives Monday afternoon, trying to find some sort of tangential connection between D.C. sports and Bigfoot, to give me an excuse to post 17 photos of the person in that Bigfoot costume wandering around Dupont Circle.

But then I found something even better: Leonard Shapiro’s 1979 survey of the Redskins locker room, which ran in the Sunday Magazine. Among the highlights of the anonymous survey of 20 players:

* The team’s three favorite beers were Miller, Budweiser and Heineken.

* Its three favorite restaurants were The Palm, Duke Zeibert’s and the Jolly Ox.

* Among its three worst dressers was John Riggins, who “likes knee socks.”

* The worst NFL cheerleaders? No. 1 was the Redskins.

* Second and third on the list of favorite non-football sports to play were racquetball and softball.

* Dave “Bigfoot” Butz was voted worst dancer. Which is why I found this.

Lenny Shapiro’s text:

The Washington Redskins — well, 20 of them, anyway — took time out recently from the sweat and strain of summer training camp to complete the second annual everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-about-the-team poll.

Your peerless pollster — me — asked the questions face-to-face, and got some rather intriguing answers to 40-odd (some might say very odd) questions.

The cheerleader topic was among the most provocative. “Best cheerleaders are the Redskinettes with the new uniforms, you know, the ones with the peek-a-boo belly buttons,” said one of the respondents, all of whom were granted anonymity. “The worst? Redskinettes with the old uniforms.”

“Best city for groupies?” asked an allegedly happily married defensive player, leering ever so slightly. “All of them.”

One fellow, asked to name the most overrated player in the NFL, quickly responded “Joe Theismann.” He threatened your fearless peerless pollster with a forearm shiver to the throat if his name was mentioned. His name definitely will not be mentioned.

And the best answer of all?

Wide receiver Terry Anderson provided that. “Most respected player?” he said. “Me, especially when I’ve got Matilda.”

Matilda is Terry Anderson’s pet tarantula.

(Via The Post’s archives)

Also, here’s Bigfoot in Dupont Circle.