With the Wizards continuing to win games and have fun, Steve Buckhantz and Phil Chenier are letting their happiness out. And when you’ve been calling mostly losing basketball for decades, there’s a lot of pent-up happiness. Witness Chenier, roaring along with Al Harrington after a dunk against Utah.

Incidentally, Harrington jokingly told me this week that he no longer is into dunking.

“Probably since I had my knee surgery and messed my knee up two years ago,” he said. “Now I prefer to lay it in. Two points is two points at this point.”

He seemed happy about this dunk though. As did his teammates.

Then there was Steve Buckhantz, reading a tweet from a Georgetown fan on the air.


You can forget about the tweet part and just soak up this audio. 

(Via @adammcginnis and @mimiph)