(Via ESPN.com)

There is clearly nothing scientific about ESPN.com’s online “Sports Nation” polls, and our actual scientific polling department would likely cough up nine disgusted phlegm balls at the thought of me referring to one of those polls in this space. (Margin of error: +/- 2.5 phlegm balls.)

Still, a reader sent me this map of state-by-state responses to the question, “Will the Nationals win a World Series with their current core?” And it is a fairly curious distribution. Among the most bullish states are Virginia and Maryland, where 56 and 60 percent of respondents said yes.

But the Nats also polled well in Vermont (67), North Dakota (54), South Dakota (51) and Minnesota (51), leading to this odd pocket of blue in the upper Midwest. Is this a mere statistical hiccup, something that would even out were more votes cast from a more representative group of voters? Or is there some link between the Nats and that region of the country that I’m missing?

Also, aside from tiny Wyoming and Alaska, the most bearish voters came from Georgia, where only 20 percent responded in the affirmative. Haha Barves.

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