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Steve Francis on Maryland’s win

(Via NewsChannel 8)

Among the many happy sights after Maryland’s court-storming, season-ending, ACC-closing overtime victory over Virginia Sunday afternoon: Terps legend Steve Francis, in the middle of the crowd, wearing a Len Bias Celtics jersey and a Maryland state flag hat. Earlier in the game, Francis had been sitting courtside with former coach Gary Williams, which also made for a good visual.

Anyhow, WJLA and NewsChannel 8’s Alex Parker caught up with Francis amid the post-game celebration.

“It just feels good, man,” Francis said. “When you’re a Terp, you’re always a Terp. And the last game in the ACC, it’s great to see them go out this way.”

“What’s this day mean to you?” Parker asked.

“It’s significant,” Francis said. “Coach Williams was here, Juan Dixon. And just to see young guys, the next generation, whose jerseys will hopefully be in the rafters where mine are, it was great to see it.”

“And to end with a win?” Parker queried.

“End with a W, ain’t no question,” Francis agreed.

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