Several of the most quotable moments from Davey Johnson’s extremely quotable tenure in Washington were delivered during the manager’s weekly morning interviews with the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan. A sampling:

On Feinstein’s take on the Strasburg Shutdown: ‘“I say he’s an idiot,” Johnson said. “You do what is best for the day. I live by that rule, and Mike Rizzo lives by that rule. I mean, look at RGIII. You’re still suffering for decisions you made on him, running him out there.”

On a slow start to 2013: ‘“A lot of us are on monkey tilt,” he laughed. “I’m real close to monkey tilt right now.”

On the job he did in the first half of 2013: “I’ve been terrible,” Johnson said. “Horse bleep.”

On whether he would step away: ““I mean, I may slit my wrists, but I’m not quitting,” he said.

Now, Matt Williams will get a chance to follow in Johnson’s quotations. The new Nats manager will also be a weekly guest of the Junkies, joining the station Wednesday mornings at 8 a.m. He will also be the featured guest for the station’s next chalk talk, April 7 at the Arlington Cinema Draft House. Doors will open at 6 for that event.

Williams, of course, has done several local radio appearances in recent days. I’d describe him as charming and insightful, but not likely to use “horse bleep” or “monkey tilt.” But a guy can grow.


The Wizards’ trip to Milwaukee included a John Wall dagger. Also a near-epic collapse and dramatic recovery, but that doesn’t fit in six seconds. (Via @Truth_About_It)


Via the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Richmond made less than half of its required $500,000 contribution to the Washington Redskins for the team’s first training camp in the city, creating a shortfall that will cause the local offering of services, goods or cash to increase for the next six years….The initial shortfall and increase in subsequent years is allowed under the agreement, though the contract with the team states that any deficiency after the first year may constitute a default. That would allow the team to terminate the deal, but local officials say they are confident they can meet the obligation in the future.

“The Redskins were aware that the first year was a building year,” [development board official Rich] Johnson said. He added that there was a “gentlemen’s agreement” for leeway on the first local contribution.


Old friend Jason La Canfora continues to be less than bullish on the Caps’ long-term prospects.


Bro of Bryce continues to lead the franchise in facial hair excellence. (Via Nats Enquirer)


Via social-life reporter F.P. Santangelo, an update on MASN’s former Nats sideline reporter:


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