Turns out it isn’t just Redskins fans who become enraptured with some of the biggest names in the (potential) free agent pool. Among those pining for (potential) free agent cornerback Darrelle Revis earlier this week: (mostly) retired Redskins linebacker London Fletcher.

Unclear whether Fletcher also believes the Redskins should trade Kirk Cousins for a first-round pick.


Front-row pantomimes of sobs are never out of style.


Mike Wise thinks the clock has about run out on this Caps team, because of its lack of grit. Several other analysts would argue the problem is a lack of talent rather than a lack of grit. Anyone, here’s Wise:

Something about this team doesn’t feel right. Something about these Caps doesn’t quite translate into the resolve needed to pull it off. If you ask me right now whether they can find themselves in the next three weeks, I’d say no.

The Caps outplayed the Penguins on Monday night, outshot them, dominated for a good chunk of the second period and went on an all-out onslaught to tie the game in the final minutes. They still fell, 3-2, because of some early miscues and they couldn’t score late because the Penguins mucked it up. They grinded. They outworked the Caps in the corners in the final seconds.

Gritty beat pretty again.


Forever-Washingtonian Lindsay Czarniak (and forever-Washingtonian Craig Melvin) had their first child, and made it onto ESPN. Congrats to them.


Okay, not really. I don’t actually root for sports teams, even those from my alma mater. But this feels like a good time to commune with my fellow Capriotti’s-eating, Deer Park-drinking, YoUDee-hugging, Morris Library-sleeping Blue Hens. Delaware, of course, made the NCAA tournament for the first time since 1999 by erasing a six-point William & Mary lead with just more than a minute left. UD students then stormed the court in Baltimore.

“I didn’t know to cry or to smile, so I was kind of standing there and the crowd tackled me,” Devon Saddler said, via the News-Journal. “So I was just laying there enjoying it.”


The Caps are in Pittsburgh again, this time at 7:30 on NBC SportsNetwork. The Nats face the Yankees at 1 on MASN. All radio and TV listings are here.