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As far as I know, the world has not yet created half-smoke-inspired shoes, or Pierre L’Enfant-inspired athletic socks. But that day is coming.

With Nike and Kevin Durant having already collaborated on basketball shoes that pay tribute to Maryland crabs and Mumbo Sauce, it was left to Adidas and John Wall to find their own D.C-area tribute. They settled on cherry blossoms and the Washington Monument.

(Via Adidas) (Via Adidas)

Via a press release:

Spring is here and adidas is celebrating with the release of the Florist City Collection for Washington Wizards’ point guard John Wall. The collection includes, socks, hats, sweatshirts and the iconic Crazy 1 basketball shoe all featuring a floral print design and colors commemorating the annual spring celebrations in the city Wall calls home.

Wall’s Cherry Blossom edition Crazy 1 comes in time for fans to lace-up a pair for this year’s Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C. The cherry blossom print on the outsole and laces is contrasted with a grey upper designed to replica the stone used in the monuments throughout the Nation’s Capital. Socks feature a sublimated floral print and iconic D.C. landmarks.

“Select collection items” will be available on Adidas’s Web site starting on March 19.

Frankly, this particular grey color does not much remind me of the stone used in monuments throughout the Nation’s Capital.

Also, interesting that they went with a Bullets logo on the hat.

(Via Adidas)