(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

This is possibly sacrilege to both journalism and religion, but I kind of enjoyed listening to Doc Walker perform a rite of baptism for Jason Hatcher as part of the defensive lineman’s conversion from Cowboy to Redskin. For general weirdness, if nothing else.

On the radio, though, you couldn’t exactly tell what the ESPN 980 host was doing. Luckily, the Redskins posted video of Walker flinging bottled water drops onto Hatcher’s head in an effort to purge the Cowboy-ness out of the veteran lineman. (See below.)

After Walker and Hatcher exchanged greetings on Friday, Hatcher asked what was up.

“What’s up is this,” Walker said, flicking the non-holy water. “There we go.”

“I just got baptized,” Hatcher observed.

“There we go,” Walker said. “Just got baptized. We’ve taken away all the negativity, all the corruption, seriously, everything about Dallas that is bad. We bring you over to the burgundy and gold.

“I’ve been baptized,” Hatcher said again, because this isn’t necessarily something that happens during most sports-radio interviews.

“And we ask you now, son, are you all in?” Walker asked.

“I am all in,” Hatcher said. “I am committed. I am a Redskin.”

“We have rid you of everything that is bad down there, that stench in Dallas is all gone,” Walker went on. “Are you with me Brian? Jackson do you hear me? Can I get an amen?”

“I’m starting to feel a little different here man,” Hatcher noted.

“So from this point on, my brother, you in burgundy and gold,” Walker kept going. “And we’ll ride this all the way to the top….Oh yeah, collection coming up next.”

“Hey, I’m broke man,” said Hatcher, a man who just signed a contract that includes $10.5 million of guaranteed monies.

Hatcher went on to say that he feels “like I’m at home” in Ashburn. He said he got “just a special feeling” walking into Redskins Park. He said one of the biggest reasons he came to Washington was because of the rivalry with Dallas, that he “just [loves] the rivalry of this game,” and that “The NFC East, man, it’s grimy, so I couldn’t leave it.” But he added that while he thinks he was destined to wind up in Washington, some of his four kids are “a little disturbed by it.”

“Well, the older [ones], we’re gonna have to have a ceremony for them too,” Walker said. “Because they’ve probably been indoctrinated with the Cowboy thing. Seriously.”

“I’ll tell you what, my next-to-the-youngest one, you really, he’s still, yeah, you’ve got to baptize him,” Hatcher said.

“I’ll come by,” Walker promised. “Got to. Yeah, we have to. That’s the only way it works man.”

(Via the Redskins Blog)