Normally I wouldn’t devote two blog posts to one person’s NCAA tournament bracket, but Alex Ovechkin’s bracket was not normal.

This actually reminds me, I’m pretty sure back in 2007 I got Alex Ovechkin to fill out the first NCAA tournament bracket of his life for The Washington Post. I think there’s video of that somewhere, too. But that was two weeks after my daughter was born, so it’s equally possible that this was a dream, or that a Caps PR person pretended to be Ovechkin in front of me, or that I took all the brackets I gathered that year and later stuffed them into a diaper storage unit.

Anyhow, you already know that Ovechkin picked Virginia to win the national championship this season, but here are some other of his observations I wanted to highlight.

On New Mexico vs. Stanford: “Uh, Burritos or Stanford? Burrito most hard-working guys, in, like the whole world.”

On George Washington: “Washington?”

On Michigan State-Delaware: “Michigan State-Detroit, right?”

On UNC-Providence: “Well, Maria [Kirilenko] gonna have a tournament in North Carolina, so let’s do this one.”

On Iowa State-NC Central: “Lowa State?”

On Syracuse vs. Kansas: “Sasha, S. And Sergey too.”

On San Diego State vs. New Mexico State: “San Diego-New Mexico? Again Mexicans? So let’s do San Diego then.”

Meanwhile, John Wall also did a bracket on video, also for Monumental Network. His Final Four includes Florida, Michigan State, Oregon and Wichita State, which he has beating his beloved Kentucky in the second round.

“Our team’s been up and down this season,” Wall says in the video. “They’ve got a great chance to make a run. But Wichita State’s on a great roll and they know what kind of season they’re trying to have. And I just think they have enough veterans and smart players to get by us. Don’t tell nobody.”