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Drew Gooden has been on a tremendous, wacky, and unexpected streak of excellence in recent days, seemingly emerging as one of Washington’s best players despite having been out of the NBA for most of the season.

Saturday against Brooklyn, he made 8 of 11 shots and scored 21 points to go along with nine rebounds in a win over Brooklyn. He followed that up late Tuesday night by making 7 of 10 shots and scoring 18 points to go along with six rebounds in an overtime loss to the Kings.

That’s a combined 15 for 21, a shooting percentage of better than 71 percent. It’s the kind of thing that might make you shrug your shoulders in amused appreciation of yourself.

Of course, if you keep shrugging your shoulders in amused appreciation of yourself, the opposition might notice.

“Well, it kind of [annoyed me] when he did the little shrug after hitting the three,” DeMarcus Cousins said after helping Sacramento rally for the win Tuesday night, via News 10. “I mean, it was a good shot I guess, but it’s whatever.”

His face indicated that he did not believe it was really that good of a shot.

Cousins apparently mock shrugged his own shoulders back at Gooden at one point, although I missed that.

Regardless, I’m guessing this quote from Marcin Gortat might indicate there will be fewer shrugs moving forward.

“We get punished for being cocky,” Gortat said, via Michael Lee. “We get punished for being too confident and we got to pay the price now. I think we start celebrating like we already won the game. We start joking around, I guess and loosened up a little bit too much.”

Gooden, as far as I can tell, has already shrugged his shoulders at least three times in his past two games. Four shrugs, for regular season March basketball? This is shrugflation at its worst. Anyhow, I’m pretty sure there’s a commonly understood one-shrug-per-game limit.  If you care, here are those three times I’ve seen Gooden shrug over his past two games. And if you don’t care, /shrugs.

First, from late in the Brooklyn game.

Then, after another three-pointer in Sacramento.

And finally, after a tip-in against the Kings.

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