(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

I’m sure this wasn’t his intent, but by tweeting about President Obama’s decision to pick Memphis over GW in an 8-9 NCAA tournament game, George Washington Coach Mike Lonergan earned GW lots of national press: a For the Win item, a Huffington Post item, a large mention on FoxSports.com, addition items at the L.A. Times and Yardbarker, and a couple lighthearted questions on WTOP.

Plus yet another D.C. Sports Bog write-up. The D.C. Sports Bog is very easy to manipulate.

“I was watching [Obama make his Final Four picks with] Andy Katz, and I saw the bracket,” Lonergan told WTOP’s George Wallace on Wednesday. “He was only going through from the Sweet 16 to the Final Four. So I hit my DVR, paused it and I got up to the TV and I said oh man, he picked Memphis! I said c’mon, we only live a few blocks away at GW. So I was just giving him a hard time. I’ve got a lot of respect for President Obama. But I did think, as a politician, you’ve got to choose the local team. It’s not like we’re a 16-seed. So I think he should have went with the Colonials.”

Obama, you might recall, has actually seen a GW game at Smith Center in person, although that was back in 2009, when the team was still led by Karl Hobbs. The opponent, of course, was Oregon State, led by Michelle Obama’s brother, Craig Robinson. Lonergan wants the president back.

“I’ve invited him over to a couple games,” Lonergan told Wallace. “I’m trying to schedule another game with Oregon State, trying to get him to come over and play with our players in the offseason, too. He loves playing basketball. We definitely want him to be a GW fan, because we are Washington D.C.’s team.”