(Via @nibowe)

Georgetown beat West Virginia in the first round of the NIT on Tuesday night. It was a notable win largely because of the venue: McDonough Gymnasium was small, and loud, and picturesque, and nostalgified. The students were right on top of the court, and they were noisy. The announcers on ESPN talked a lot about Georgetown’s rise to prominence in the 1980s. And the Hoyas played well.

By the second half, though, the score was not particularly close. Georgetown won by a dozen points. There was no last-second drama, no crucial dagger or heart-stopping defensive stand.

Still, longtime radio voice Rich Chvotkin punctuated the victory by hollering “HOYAS WIN!” — his signature phrase — a whopping 20 times on ESPN 980. I can’t say for sure, but I think this might have been the most excited anyone in world history has ever been over a double-digit first-round NIT victory.

Apparently the students were at least partly to thank for this outburst. Thanks, students.

I’ve kind of lost track of the record, but at one point I claimed it was 17, set during a second-round NCAA tournament victory over Vanderbilt in 2007 and equaled in a regular-season triumph over Louisville in 2011. He also made it to 16 during a 2011 win over Connecticut.

(Photo via @nibowe. Thanks much to ESPN 980, local radio home of the Hoyas, for the audio.)