(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

ESPN The Magazine recently conducted an anonymous poll with 143 Major League Baseball players, asking them questions about baseball’s new rules, performance-enhancing drug use in the game, gay players and other issues.

Of local concern was a question concerning the most overrated player in the game. Bryce Harper “won,” with 24 percent of the vote. Yasiel Puig was second with 21 percent, and Alex Rodriguez third with 14 percent.

In the “best player in the game” category, Harper’s presumptive rival, Mike Trout, won going away, with 56 percent of the vote.

And in the “what team will win the World Series” category, the Nats finished tied for fifth with the Braves, behind the Cardinals, Tigers, Dodgers and Red Sox.

In other Harper news, the outfielder recently talked to SiriusXM’s MLB Network Radio about hitting drills he once performed with his father.

“When I was younger, he’d throw little red beans at me and I’d try to hit it with a broomstick,” Harper said. “He’d do bottle caps of course, and I’d do that with a broomstick also. It just really keeps your eye on the cap or your eye on the bean. Really just trying to keep your head on it; if you pull your head you’re not gonna hit it. And then when you see a baseball, it’s a lot different, so it’s nice. It just makes you work, it’s fun being able to do that. It’s a good time with pops.”

Harper also indicated that his dad would turn a fan on when he was tossing the bottle caps. The difficulty level of hitting fan-blown bottlecaps with a broomstick is probably not overrated.

(Via CBS Radio)