With opening day approaching, here’s some news out of Nationals Park: the Clubhouse Team Store — located just to the right as you enter the stadium from the main Center Field Gate — will be moved and expanded this season.

The new store won’t be ready at the start of the season, so you might notice some construction on Opening Day and beyond. The existing store will remain open for the time being.
The new store will be to your left as you enter from center field, a larger space located on the right field side of Center Field Plaza. That puts it underneath the giant MLB team banners, on the way toward the kids playground area.

“Because of the popularity of our merchandise at the Clubhouse Team Store, we’ve outgrown the current space, so we’re moving the store to a larger area that will provide an even wider selection of Nationals merchandise,” a team spokeswoman explained in an e-mail. “The team store will continue to operate in its current location until the new store is fully constructed later in the season. Once the new store opens, we plan to convert the old space into a restaurant that fans will be able to enjoy throughout the year. An official announcement on the restaurant will be made as soon as details are finalized.”

This news was relayed to me by @geneticlyperfect, who also observed that at least some steps at the park have been painted blue.