Take a Redskins-mad city with a genuine Redskins connection, add a major sporting event in the NFL’s offseason, and stir in two athletes who can’t stop tweeting, and what you get is this: a flurry of messages Sunday night that apparently might lead to Robert Griffin III driving the pace car at Richmond’s spring NASCAR race.

It started with a brainstorm from Dale Earnhardt Jr., sent to NASCAR and Richmond headquarters.

Richmond International Raceway President Dennis Bickmeier was, predictably, intrigued.

I’m not sure if driving the pace car is more or less prestigious than being the grand marshal, but a plan was quickly taking shape.

Now all that was needed was the approval of Griffin for his role to change from grand marshal to pace-car driver. And also the approval for him to be involved at all.

Time was, a few phone calls from one superstar’s people to another superstar’s people could move mountains. Now it just takes a few tweets. I have to imagine this means some of your favorite local sports reporters will also head to Richmond in late April.


Read Adam Kilgore’s look at a changed Stephen Strasburg. Here’s one excerpt:

The grin surfaced once Strasburg talked about his baby daughter, 5 months old, happy and healthy and growing like a weed.

“I would never admit it,” Strasburg said. “But now that I’ve had something that’s more important, and the priority of being a good dad is more important to me, I think looking back, maybe I did put a little too much emphasis on baseball. Maybe it wasn’t my only thing I was worried about. But it was definitely higher up there than I thought it was.”


The Nats’ AAA affiliate is offering free tickets for life for anyone who gets a Syracuse Chiefs tattoo. Were this the parent club, I can imagine hundreds of takers. Maybe more.


Ran across a copy of How Life Imitates the World Series over the weekend. Loved the back cover.


Virginia’s Joe Harris is shown here, doing … something.

(Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)


Georgetown meets Florida State in the second round of the NIT at 7 on ESPN. All radio and TV listings are here.