(Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post)

Redskins fans enjoy debating over and over again whether last year’s offensive line was horrible, poor, middling or passable. You can actually find people who argue each of these things. Jay Gruden, the team’s new coach, would locate himself toward the positive end of that spectrum.

“It’s coming along good,” he said on SiriusXM NFL Radio when Alex Marvez asked about his team’s line. “You know, the offensive line wasn’t too bad [in 2013]. A lot of people make it out to be it was like a turnstile, but it really wasn’t. Those guys played hard. They blocked well in the running game for Alfred Morris. And we just have to keep working and maybe add a few pieces there. Maybe get a little bigger at a certain position here or there, and go from there.”

A few other tidbits from Gruden:

On Brian Orakpo: “You watched the blueprint that Seattle laid out on the NFL with the pass rush, and signing Brian Orakpo was very important to us. And to get him going rushing the passer — Brian Baker will help him in that regard, we hired him as the outside pass rushing coach — and the emergence of Jason Hatcher coming inside, and we’ll get Kerrigan going. I think it’ll be very important for our defense to get the pass rush working.”

On working with RGIII in April: “I can’t wait. He’s in the building a lot, working out and getting ready. He’s chomping at the bit. You know, it’s hard to have a quarterback that’s so eager to get ready to go, saying no we can’t have a ball here, we can’t talk football right here. But when the time’s right, he’ll be ready to roll. I know he’s excited. We’re all excited to get going.”

On Andre Roberts: “He’s very versatile. He can play outside, he can play inside, and we’re hoping he can do a little punt returning if need be. So there are a lot of things he can do, not many things he can’t do. That’s why we like him. He didn’t get as many targets last year with the emergence of Michael Floyd down there in Arizona, but I’ve had a chance to really review his tape and watch him and he’s an exciting player.”