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Washington Business Journal reported earlier this month that Nats Park is going craft-beer crazy this season, adding two more District Drafts carts, spreading local craft products around the stadium and launching a Firkin Fridays promotion, featuring two local cask offerings on Fridays of every homestand. It’s a big change from only a year ago.

Here’s even more news about the stadium’s increasing craftiness: D.C.’s 3 Stars Brewing Company — which almost exclusively offered its Citra & Lemon Peel Saison at the ballpark last season — will now change its selection during every Nats homestand, offering nine different brews over the course of the season.

“We’re literally changing up what we’re having based on our brew schedule,” Dave Coleman, the brewery’s president and co-founder, told me this week. “So it’s always going to be super-fresh, brand-new, just-packed beer going to Nats Park. Last year they wanted to carry just strictly Citra & Lemon for the whole summer. They just devastated our inventory. This year we actually sat down with Levy Restaurants and the Nats, and we were like, ‘Hey, get this in a rotation so we’re not just stockpiling product for you, so we’re constantly giving you the freshest of the fresh, and so patrons at the ballpark seeking out something craft are getting something good instead of just stockpiled warehouse beer.’ “

Thus, Nats Park will be the first local outlet anywhere to tap the new Citra & Lemon Peel Saison during Opening Day next Friday. Subsequent homestands will bring The Movement — a pale ale — and the Peppercorn Saison. Around July 4, 3 Stars will provide Two to the Dome, its Capitol Building-themed Double IPA. As the season ends, Nats Park will likely feature Southern Belle, an imperial brown ale made with toasted pecans.

“There are a lot of homestands, a lot of beer to be made, and a lot of drinking to be done,” Coleman said. “We’re trying to keep it seasonally relevant and just trying to keep people in good, fresh, local craft.”