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I forgot to note this weeks ago, but better late than never.

The Nats’ foray into new heights of bobbleheadedness will make them the regional champs in figurine giveaways this season: seven bobblehead days, a Jayson Werth gnome giveaway, and 200,000 total figurines.

And yet, while the Orioles are bested in figurines this season, they are the undisputed regional champs of headgear giveaways.

The Baltimore team’s 2014 promotional schedule includes:

* A Mother’s Day Cap to the first 20,000 women ages 18 and over on May 11.

* A Father’s Day Fedora to the first first 20,000 men ages 18 and over on June 15.

* A Miller Lite Orioles Floppy Hat to the first 20,000 fans ages 21 and over on June 27.

* A 1954 Orioles hat to the first 20,000 fans ages 15 and over on June 29.

* A “Wild Bill Cowboy Hat” to the first 20,000 fans ages 15 and over on August 9, in homage to one of the team’s most famous fans.

* An Orioles knit winter hat to the first 20,000 fans ages 15 and over on Sept. 20.

That’s 120,000 hats. That’s a lot of hats.

“There are some standard favorites we do each year,” an Orioles spokesman explained in an e-mail, noting that the Miller Lite Floppy Hat giveaway dates back to the Memorial Stadium. A DAP-sponsored cap has also been going on for years; this season’s 1954 version will celebrate the team’s 60th anniversary. The team has done Mother’s Day and Father’s Day hats in the past, and teams in other markets (like the Giants) have found success with Father’s Day fedoras.

(Via the Orioles) (Via the Orioles)

The winter hat is self explanatory, while the Wild Bill Hagy cowboy hat — which is likely the most unique hat event — is also part of the 60th anniversary celebrations.

“We find that T-shirts and hats both do very well in terms of ticket sales, as well as serve to help get the Orioles brand visible in the marketplace,” the spokesman wrote.

Indeed, there are six Orioles T-shirt giveaways (for all fans) on the schedule, one in every month from April through September. There is also a Chris Davis Performance Shirt giveaway for the first 20,000 fans ages 15 and over on June 28, and a 60th Anniversary three-quarters sleeve T-shirt giveaway for the first 20,000 fans ages 15 and over on August 1.
First 20,000 Fans (15 and over).

The Orioles have only three bobblehead giveaways, for a total of 75,000 bobbleheads, but they also have a Chris Davis action figure giveaway for the first 10,000 fans ages 14 and under on August 2.

Plus, there are ripcord bracelets.

(Via the Orioles)
(Via the Orioles)
(Via the Orioles)