A year ago this week, Sports Illustrated predicted the Nats would win the World Series. It was right there on the cover, along with a giant image of Stephen Strasburg.

Well, that prediction didn’t work out so well. But SI is back for more Natitude this week, with yet another cover predicting the Nats win the World Series, this time by defeating the Oakland A’s.

Of course, SI was hardly alone last March. ESPN the Magazine also predicted a Nats World Series win. So did 46 out of 104 experts I examined. And SI will surely not be the last outlet to make such a prediction this month.

About this, though, I’m sure: Washington’s manager will not be saying anything about World Series or Bust.

(Also, at least this time no Nats are pictured on the magazine’s cover. SI went with four different covers, featuring Robinson Cano, Masahiro Tanaka, Mike Trout and Yadier Molina.)