(Via @RyanJKelly)

During the third quarter of the Wizards’ home loss to Phoenix Wednesday night, my pal Diane Roberts from WUSA caught up with Wale — wearing a Bullets hat, I believe — to ask him about, among other things, the team’s massive double-barreled t-shirt gatling gun.

Wale, though, had something else in mind. He grabbed the mic and was off.

“Good morning everybody I’m a reporter for WUSA9, Channel 9,” he began. “We are live here at the Washington Wizards game. I will be your live reporter right here from the Ciroc Ultra Premium section. The game is currently at a 70-79 momentum right now. The place is packed. We have all the stars from Washington D.C. out here. Unfortunately Marion Barry could not make it tonight, but he is with us in spirit. And it’s just a madhouse out here. We gotta go. The game’s going crazy. Channel 9, catch us, Channel 9 at 9. Goodbye D.C. we love you.”

Then he handed the mic back. Unclear if he ever spoke with the visiting team’s radio announcers.